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This is an informational website with links, pictures and other information (text) that I find interesting and/or useful.  If you find something you think should be added, please drop me an e-mail at craig@hesser.ws.  This was originally intended to be a website for members of the Hesser family in North America and the world.  If you are a Hesser, take a look at the items on the Hesser Family page (click on the menu on the left to go there)

Note 1:  Since this is MY website, I reserve the right for myself to decide whether (or not) I will include anything suggested or submitted; sorry!

Note 2:  Please don't send me anything that is copyrighted!  If you "just have to", make sure you send the copyright permission and information with the submission.

Note 3:  I receive (VERY small) revenues from some of the commercial items that you might click on and maybe buy from.  The price you pay for a specific product/service will be the same, whether you click-through from my site or from somewhere else.  The (potentially) revenue-producing sites are identified with a [].  There are "hidden" URL's behind the hyperlinks that originate from my side, but only to minimise confusion - they end up at the right place with my identification on them.  I cannot vouch for the people on the other end, but they are responsible businesspeople.

On with the other stuff (in no particular order) !

OnSpeed is a handy acceleration system which can really help increase down- and up-load speeds for computers with (slow) dial-up modems.  In some circumstances, the speed can be 5x or more!  It works by compressing the information on one end and de-compressing it on the other.  It's not free, but if your ISP costs are getting you down, I feel it's worth the money!  Here's the link: www.onspeed.com  []

"Saucer" clouds over Umbria, (C) 2005, Tenuta Collicello S.r.l, Marsciano (PG) ItalyAlthough we are selling the B&B in Italy, we still have two units furnished that we can let out on a private basis.  We have a second floor (European - two flights of stairs) apartment with kitchen,bathroom and privte entrance and a ground floor (no stairs) double room with private bath available.  We cater to non-smoking adults from North America and Northern Europe.  Since between us we speak English, and one or the other of us speaks Italian, French, German, and Spanish fluently, plus a handfull of other European languages in bits and pieces, we think that you would enjoy a stay with us.  Our goal is to give you peace and quiet with us, plus breakfast, and a place to cool out after you have spent the day shopping, museum-ing, touristing, or whatever!  Maybe also the pool will be acceptable by then.  Take a look at our place, Tenuta Collicello, on our website, http://TenutaCollicello.comhttp://Tenuta.info is our blog to sell the place.

Skype (pronounced "SKYP") is another real boon for those who talk lots on long distance!  It uses voice over internet protocol ("VoIP") technology and a large membership to provide 100% free* Internet calling between members.  We use it consistently for other Skype members and also for calling other people without Skype (at the cost of a local call* at the other party's location).  Take a look at Skype at www.skype.com.  Of course, Skype is not the only player in this field - you can also use Yahoo! Voice, and there are many others that are free for calls between members - the catch is to get all your friends on the same service!

* Note that there's always a hitch of some sort; here's the one for Skype and the other Internet-based services: the service is free between members except for the price of your Internet connection.  If you pay for your Internet by the minute, this will be charged by your ISP.  If, of course, you have a flat-rate service, it doesn't cost you any more that if you didn't use the Skype service AND DIDN'T MAKE THE PHONE CALL!  Finally, if you want, there are several alternatives to Skype's offerings, including the possibility to make VoIP calls at the cost of a local call in most countries and to obtain an in-dial number in another country.

Host Excellence is not the only domain provider/hosting company in the business by any means, but I think they're one of the better deals around.  I use HE almost exclusively.  They offer very inexpensive domain registrations and good prices for reliable hosting service.  Plus 24x7 online chat for their support service.  Take a look at what they have to offer.   You will find Host Excellence at http://www.hostexcellence.com.  []

I use Microsoft FrontPage to develop many of my sites (including this one), but there are many other possibillities around the web, including free ones such as CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor.  If you have a problem building your site (at least in FrontPage or an html editor), let me know, maybe I can help.

GDI = Global Domains International.  These are the people who provide the dot ws domain names - like this one! www.hesser.ws.  They do it on a novel basis - it's set up as a multi-level marketing operation, so that, if you want, you can have other people join you, and you receive commissions toward paying your monthly charges.  There are (reportedly) people making high-level incomes from this operation!  That's why they use the Ferrari advertising :-)    []


If you are interested in website production, maintenance, operation, etc. - particularly for fun AND profit - please take a look at the Jimmy Craig Affiliate Page at http://JimmyCraigAffiliatePage.com.  Since the contents change frequently, I suggest you bookmark it and visit often!   []



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